Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nothing New November

I'm in the process of moving apartments, and when I started to pack the knitting area I was appalled at the size of my stash, and at the pile of unfinished pieces in my work basket. Whence my new motto: Nothing New in November! No new yarn, no starting new projects!

Here are just a few of the pieces yet to be finished:

Selbu Modern
. I have some doubts about this: it's looking very small, and I know that I can stretch it to block, but perhaps not as much as I originally thought. I have to say that I am a fan of colorwork but this has not been super fun to knit, so the thought of ripping it out and adding a pattern repeat to make it the right size is not particularly appealing. So this might be a back-burner project.

Ripping and re-knitting the sleeves of my Shalom cardigan. These just never fit right, and I had been thinking that the whole cardigan was too big to wear when in fact I think it was just the sleeves that were too big. This should be about a two-night project in front of TV, I think; I've already pretty much finished one of the sleeves. I'm also going to thread some elastic into the collar to make it stay tight -- Karabella Aurora 8 is a stretchy, heavy yarn, and the neckline gets pulled way big by the end of a day of wearing it. Re-knitting with it reminds me of what a nice yarn it is, though -- super soft, super bouncy, and not particularly pilly, yet.

Remember this guy? This sweater has been on my needles for more than two years! It's been languishing almost finished because I now hate wrapping my purls the wrong way, as I was doing when I started this. It seems to take twice as long to knit a row this way! One sleeve is about 3 inches from completion, and the other one is still unworked from the armpit join. This project could take me more than just this month to complete. In trying it on to gauge sleeve length, though, I am reminded of how adorable it will be when I finish it!

One new spiral mitt, waiting for thumb ribbing, and then for its partner to be knit. I tried a different design for these and have decided I like the original spiral mitt much better. This pair might be gifted for Christmas.

Then a couple of cheats:

I cast on a few days ago for a featherweight cardigan. I'm counting this as a "nothing new" sweater, though, because I ordered the yarn (Colourmart cashmere 4-ply) more than a year ago. Knitting my mitts and cowl with the gray cashmere made me absolutely burn to work with more cashmere, so I pulled this out of the stash.

This one is really a cheat: This is the ribbing for the left front of a new cardigan design I started only a few days ago. It doesn't really count as "nothing new," if I were being a stickler, but I've got to have something besides sleeves to knit, don't I?

This is only the tip of the iceberg, peeps. Among the other unfinished items I dug out of the knitting cupboard are not one but two baby sweaters awaiting a second arm, the left front and two inches of the back of my birthday BFL sweater, about half of a chevron scarf to match my chevron beret, another patterned-yoke sweater left off about an inch from the armpit division, an adult surprise jacket for my mom, and a cable sweater I've had on the to-finish list since I first learned how to knit five years ago. Oy!

Will it all be finished in November? Definitely not. But will anything new be cast on between now and December 1? Absolutely not!!

You hear that, Jennifer Little? Absolutely not!!


Jodi said...

Good luck with Nothing-New-November, and good luck with the move!

I love the fair isle sweater -- the colorwork is beautiful and has a subtle glow.

Batty said...

Great minds think alike! I just looked at my stash and decided that 2010 is going to be the year of no yarn. No yarn purchases whatsoever. January 1 to January 1.

If Selbu Modern doesn't fit, feel free to send it my way -- I'll take it off your hands, it's lovely. : )

Jen said...

Wow, Batty -- that's a lot more extreme than Nothing New November... I am SURE I couldn't go a whole year without buying new yarn!

desire said...

good luck :)

PennyG said...

What a great idea - nothing new in November! (I thought) There are Eunny Jang's Cabled Globe Ornaments to finish, and the Tulip baby sweater, the alphabet baby blanket, and Fairy Ring cardigan - really more than enough to keep me very busy and if by chance I do finish all of those items there's always the vanilla sock I keep around for a quick take-along item. Then I saw the beginnings of your featherweight cardigan and before I knew what I was doing, I bought the pattern, ordered some lovely cashmere from Colourmart, cast it on - and now there is yet another project in the works. You're a good/bad influence Jennifer Little! Thanks!