Saturday, November 17, 2007

Progress is slow... because I keep starting new things...

The fair isle yoke sweater is chugging slowly along, like an A train on weekends. In fact, the above photo represents quite a bit of work -- the body is now down to the waist and only needs about seven more inches, I think. Knitting stockinette at a gauge of 9 st/in is kind of mind-numbing.

Therefore, I've been alternating it with a few other projects. Two of them are sort of secret though, so I'll give you snippets:

fancy fair isle awesomeness

underexposed cable awesomeness

Finally, here is a hat.
This was an afternoon break, Andrew-B-and-his-amazingly-round-baby-head-are-visiting project.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's a Halloween Miracle!

I only had enough yarn for the neck ribbing and part of one armhole, but somehow... the yarn lasted for eight vests and eight socks!

... no, seriously, I ran out of yarn halfway through an armhole ribbing, and I had to unravel the vest (which was already on the short side) from the bottom and reknit it shorter to conserve yarn. But -- through the miracle of blocking, I was able to stretch this baby to be more than long enough!

I guess my pumpkin patch was the most sincere one this year...

How's that for a sweater girl pose? The Hermione costume was a hit. Here's a photo of the whole thing, with the cape and wand (recognize it? It's a bamboo knitting needle -- size 8 clover, to be exact).

By the way: knee socks? So comfortable. Why can't adults wear them? I got a lot of weird looks for them walking down the street yesterday (and a few leers, which, eew).