Monday, August 31, 2009

At long last... Steps to Stranded!

Special note: from now until 2/14/10, I will donate 50% of the proceeds from all my pattern sales to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief efforts.

Cardigan A ($1.99): buy now

Cardigan B ($2.99): buy now

Cardigan C ($2.99): buy now

Or the packet of all three ($5.99): buy now

I'm pleased finally to present a pattern I'm really excited about: Steps to Stranded Baby Cardigans!

This package of three top-down baby cardigan patterns is intended for all ranges of knitters, from beginners who only know knit and purl to intermediate or advanced knitters who have been wanting to try stranded knitting but are a little afraid to try.

Cardigan A has a circular yoke worked in contrasting self-striping yarn for a big effect with very little effort. Cardigan B uses Barbara Walker's "mosaic knitting" to achieve a two-color yoke while only working with one yarn at a time. And Cardigan C... is the one I'm really stoked about: it uses a modified mosaic technique worked over one row at a time to achieve what looks like fair isle... but without ever having to use more than one yarn at a time, and without steeking!

Cardigan A

Cardigan B

Cardigan C

The 16-page pattern includes detailed, illustrated instructions for every technique included in the pattern except knitting and purling, as well as lots of other photos, hints, and charts to make everything totally clear. It's written for thee sizes, from 3 months to 12 months.

Best of all, these three sweaters use up extra sock yarn and are also the same gauge and measurements as my Sock Yarn Stranded Sweater, so you can graduate from these to that! And in fact, the Sock Yarn Stranded fair isle yoke never has more than 3 stitches at a time of one color, so you could use the same modified mosaic technique from Cardigan C to knit it!

There are two ways to buy: you can buy the individual sweater patterns, or you can buy the packet of three patterns at a discount ($1.98 less than buying all three individually).

Cardigan A ($1.99): buy now

Cardigan B ($2.99): buy now

Cardigan C ($2.99): buy now

Or the packet of all three ($5.99): buy now


Jodi said...

Super cute! What a darling trio, and a neat package of patterns.

Rachel said...

Love love LOVE them! Do you think it would be difficult to modify it to fit a 3 year old?

Jen said...

It probably wouldn't be that difficult to modify, with a slightly bigger gauge of yarn. You'd just have to make sure you had the right measurements for a 3-year-old. I often consult the ones at Yarn

Batty said...

Wow, those are cute! If I have a baby, he/she will need one of those. And your photography is beautiful.

Knits For Needs said...

I LOVE these sweaters! The colors are my fave.

I* said...

I'd love to make the tulip one for my eight year old daughter, but I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough to make guesses concerning size modifications.. :S Beautiful cardigans!