Monday, August 10, 2009

Mental knitting = dealbreaker

Once again, knitting proves to be my litmus test, I think.

So I broke up with the boyfriend -- the one for whom I knit the OXO cable scarf for Christmas. That was actually good, as good as it could possibly be: the first real, mature adult breakup I've ever had, and we're on really good terms.

But that means I'm back to the internet dating. And it happened AGAIN: I was out on a (second) date with this guy who is in fact really quite sweet. And I started daydreaming about knitting. I mean, I was calculating sizing and gauge for patterns in my head. I was mentally assessing the virtues of a few different yarns for my next project.

Clearly a sign, n'est-ce pas?

Some possible ways of reading it: a) I'm clearly not into this guy. b) I am obsessed with knitting. c) Both of the above.

Or, I suppose: d) I'm not as ready to be dating again as I thought I was. e) I'm sublimating with fiber arts. f) Both of the above.

The poor guy. Thank god he didn't know the real reason I was dreamily smiling while he was talking.


Clumsy Knitter said...

Ha! That's hilarious! But I can relate--I don't even want to tell you the times/places I have been preoccupied with thinking about knitting...

Not hilarious, of course, about your break-up. Sorry to hear that.

darcie said...

I love the term mental knitting. I find myself thinking of my current projects when in boring conversations...that shouldn't be happening on a date though. Move on :)

Rachel said...

OMW, that's too funny! I can relate though, sad as it is, lol!

Batty said...

I have to agree... either the timing or the guy isn't right for you if you're thinking about knitting on your first or second date, rather than having it out in front of you while enjoying an animated conversation. So, just wait for the one who'll encourage you to knit until the food gets there.

Haleyknitz said...

lol I think it's "F"..... good luck, though. someday you'll find the perfect man and knit him the BEST sweater.