Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's a name for this kind of behavior...

It's been a week of hard work here at Looking Glass Knits. Remember that last post? The one about all the schoolwork I had to do? Here's a rundown of what I've done in the last five days (five days!!!), which I had set aside to do nothing but write:

Revise paper on St. Margaret: check (reluctant check).
Write paper on St. Andrew: uh...
Write paper on Margery Kempe and St. Perpetua: er...


Finish body of green Peach Blossom sweater with absolutely no recipient?


Begin working on another baby sweater for nobody, this time with barely-discernible fair isle yoke?


Cast on for an Icarus shawl using yarn I stashed two years ago, nominally for my mother, even though she told me she would never wear a triangular shawl?


Take a drunken water taxi ride up and down the East River with equally drunk friends?


Shut up, conscience. Here's a monkey to distract you:


*Michelle* said...

Yup! It's called avoidance! ;) Ironic, eh? At your least productive you are the most productive.

Stefaneener said...

Ohhh, monkey! that works for me. I see nothing to do lalalalala