Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pooling is a nifty thing!

So I have never knit a pair of socks and have no real desire to, which means that I have also never worked with hand-dyed sock yarn before. Working on my chevron scarf I've been fascinated by the ways the colors combine. I first cast on for this using five stitches on each side of the chevrons, and after knitting a few inches like that, I could tell that all the pink yarn was going to line up in a vertical column, all the orange, all the green, etc. So I frogged it and tried four stitches on each side (8 stitches fewer in all), and tada! No pooling!

In real life it's not this wobbly on the edges; it just needs to be blocked flat. That's my only news, aside from a visit from this guy:

Raymond. It looks like he's wearing a yellow tiara in this picture, but that's his octopus toy in the background. He loves to shake it really hard and growl. We just went for a walk and he's zonked. It's so nice to look down from your knitting and see this little dude on your foot:


Jodi said...

Lovely scarf! Isn't it amazing what changing the stitch count can do. That is one cute doggie, too.

Jeanne said...

Very nice scarf - great colors! Raymond is a cutie!

Batty said...

Raymond is so cute!

I love the scarf, pooling can be a good thing!