Friday, June 29, 2007

Hump Month

So, terrifyingly, 2007 is halfway over, and so is the Sweater-a-Month Knitalong. Here is a report of my progress so far:

January: Nautical fair isle baby cardigan
February: Chronicles of Narnia baby cardigan
March: Bristow
April: Paula's Vintage Cable Cardigan
May: A is for Andrew sweater
June: Peach Blossom Baby Jacket and Lavender Eyelet Baby cardigan

Planned for the rest of the year:

July: Top-Down Arwen (I will finish this. I swear I will.)
August: Fair Isle Yoke cardigan for ME!
September: Louisa Harding lacy cardigan
October: Another vintage cardigan for my aunt
November: Cable-down raglan
December: maybe none; I have one sweater in the bank after making two in June. Yeah June!

In addition to being the year of making a sweater a month, this has been the year of recording patterns and posting many of them to the blog, and of trying out some new techniques, including kool-aid dying and cabling without a cable needle. It's been a great experience! I've learned a lot, I have suffered a few knitting injuries, and I've gotten a lot accomplished. I've never done a knitalong before, and I definitely think that it helps to have one lighting a fire under me.


Stefaneener said...


They look wonderful. You are an inspiration. When I'm not completely wigged out by how behind I am.

Batty said...

You're actually doing it! Good going!

Anonymous said...

I'm joining you from the knitty board. I love looking at your FO, and will continue to read your blog.