Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two lovely FOs!

I've been a little knitting machine this week, trying to finish up two baby sweaters to bring to the silent auction for my choir. I may have given myself repetitive strain injuries, but the results are pleasing. First, I put the finishing touches on a nautically-themed sweater that has been languishing without buttons in my apartment for about a month, and whipped up a matching hat:

Here's some detail on the fair isle pattern:

Those, by the way, are sailboats and goldfish, though very few people who saw it at the auction could figure that out. I think I might embroider some masts to the sailboats to clarify that they are not ice cream cones or mountains.

For those of you who get off on it, here's a shot of the stranding:

What's clear in this shot is the difference in weight between some of the yarns I used. Although I worried about it when I was knitting and it looks kind of funky here, I think that it is totally fine on the right side. Blocking did a lot to help with that, too.

The second finished object set is the Chronicles of Narnia-inspired girl's sweater, which came out nicely, if not really looking at all like the one in the movie:

And to complete this set, I churned out a pair of mittens. Toddler mittens always crack me up. They are so adorable it's almost unbearable, like a baby bulldog.

The details.

Nautical fair isle sweater and hat:

Patterns: top-down raglan baby sweater pattern, free with purchase from School Products, with my own fair isle addition, and my own made-up hat pattern
Size 5 Addi Turbo needles
Baby Merino from School Products, 2 skeins
Karabella Aurora 4 in turquoise, baby blue and bright yellow, 1 skein each
Karabella Aurora 8 in tan, scraps left over from sheep sweater

Chronicles of Narnia sweater:

Patterns: my own design, Kathy's Mittens from Knitting at Knoon
Sizes 5 and 7 Knitpicks Options needles
Filatura di Crosa Zara yarn in sage (3 skeins), raspberry, teal, and eggplant (1 skein each)
Karabella Aurora 8 in tan, scraps again


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Abril said...

They're soo cute!! Thanks for posting the pattern.

Abril said...

They're sooo cute!! Thanks for posting the pattern.

K said...

Such pretty knits, I love the little green cardi.

Knittypants said...

Oops, try again I love the little green cardi, but all of your knits are lovely.