Tuesday, January 9, 2007


My friends Barbara and Christopher found out a little earlier this year that they were pregnant. I was super excited, because... baby things to knit! They are the perfect knitting project: small, so you can have instant gratification; not too fitted; size is not important because as long as it is not too small, the kid will grow into it; a built-in preciousness factor so anything you want to do is appreciated; kids don't mind looking like idiots in some uber-twee outfit, or at least they are too small and inarticulate to complain. Case in point:

The cardigan I knit for them immediately after hearing about the baby. Is it precious? Yes. Is it made with love using luxurious and yet machine-washable merino wool? Yes. Does it have intarsia sheep on it that are so cute as to be absolutely embarassing to a child old enough to recognize that there are intarsia sheep on his yoke? Indubitably. No boy old enough to be past the Mirror Stage would be caught dead in a sweater with adorable intarsia sheep on it. Perfect baby knitting present.

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Robin said...

I came on over from KnittyBoard...What an adorable sweater! Lucky Baby!