Monday, January 8, 2007

First post!

Welcome to my blog! I started out, like many people, with a regular "diary"-type blog, but it quickly turned into just knitting, so I finally gave in and started a knitting blog. Here's a picture of my first finished object of the year: a pair of Norwegian-style mittens for my friend Ebony. I am particularly fond of the initials on the thumbs.

Karabella Aurora 8: 2 skeins burgundy, 1 skein oatmeal
Size 4 double-pointed needles
Patterns from Sheila MacGregor's Traditional Fair Isle Knitting
Mitten shape adapted from Marcia Lewandowski's Folk Mittens

1 comment:

Lizzzzzzzzz said...

I just read your whole blog backwards. Ok, I skipped a lot but whatever.

I can't wait to let you help me be a better knitter.