Monday, January 8, 2007

2006 roundup

I really learned a lot in 2006:
Fair isle stranded knitting
Intarsia knitting
Cabling without a cable needle
Mitred knitting
Lace knitting.

This is the year I think I turned a corner in my knitting, from amateur who is just capable of increasing and decreasing, to a knowledgeable knitter who feels confident in doing almost anything. I still haven't tried steeks, though!

Some highlights:

The yoke of my first real fair isle sweater: I did quite a bit of math figuring out how to do the increases, and n0w realize I could have done my increases in wedges spaced a bit farther apart instead of sort of evenly spaced every fourth row, as I did.

My next stranded knitting project: some Latvian mittens. In fact I think that these are not going to work out, but I can't bring myself to frog them. Look at that beautiful pattern!

I guess it is clear now that I really favor stranded knitting. I tried some lace and cables this year, and I can do them, but I find lace too hard to concentrate on and cables a bit too time-consuming. Stranded knitting, however, has just the right amount of interest without being too slow going.

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