Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Two from the top

Because I can't seem to work on one project at a time, I've cast on for another baby sweater -- this time for a friend whose daughter was just born yesterday. This friend is Chinese, so I am knitting her a celebratory red sweater with a mandarin collar and asymmetrical placket.

Meanwhile, the top-down Arwen is chugging along. I have gotten to the last of the waist-shaping decreases:

I am continually pleased at the EZ-style fake seam I am knitting in as I go. Rather than unraveling and crocheting back up as EZ suggests, I am slipping the seam stitch on every knit row. This is easy to do when one is knitting back and forth. If I were doing a sweater in the round, I would probably use EZ's method. Here's a mediocre picture of the seam as it looks from the right side:
It's hard to see, but it's running through the center of this picture. Here's the wrong side:
That's a little easier to see, I think. This row of slipped stitches does seem to be less stretchy than the rest of the fabric, and it definitely provides a crisp self-folding line.


Batty said...

That baby sweater is going to be adorable. I love the bright red, black, Mandarin collar combo. Very striking.

Arwen looks good too. I like the EZ style fake seam.

Jeanne said...

Arwen looks great - great tip on the fake seam. Very cute baby sweater!

Stefaneener said...

They look GREAT. Arwen just kills me every time I see it and you're moving so fast on it and the baby sweater.