Sunday, June 17, 2007

Knitting on vacation...

... means new places to photograph your work!

Little Peach Blossom's jacket is finished, and, if I say so, heart-rendingly adorable:

I bought an "Embellish-knit" machine at Jo-Anns, and spent about a half-hour yesterday cranking out tubes of i-cord to make myself frog closures. Highly preferable to knitting it myself, I think -- I always find i-cord so boring, and then I'll forget to turn the knitting or something and ruin the whole tube. The frogs are in fact fake frogs -- aside from the fact that I worried about the bulk of a knotted button, I also thought that a real button would be easier to fasten on a squirming baby. And underneath these are three snaps -- two under the frogs and one at the neck. A pair of Saartje's booties completes the set.

They're still awaiting buttons, which I left at home in my rush to pack.

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in red and Karabella Aurora 4 in black
Sizes 4 and 5 Knitpicks Options needles
My own top-down design

Meanwhile, I'm making progress on the second sweater set I plan to send along:

A kicky little eyelet number in lavendar Baby Ull.


Batty said...

The Peach Blossom sweater is beautiful, and those booties are very cute!

I like the lace sweater too. Great color choice.

Stefaneener said...

They're both so freaking cute. Finally, though, I can look at adorable baby clothes and not have my ovaries hurt! Woo hoo. Now I'll just have to find someone small to knit for also.

Your friend is going to plotz. They're just great.