Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bristow progress and an observer

One Bristow arm is almost complete, thanks to a lovely Saturday morning NPR lineup. I'm really enjoying this cable pattern: it looks more complicated than it really is, and now that the increases are done there's even less thinking involved. By the way, I highly endorse starting a sweater with an arm: the novelty of a new project has kept this from seeming as tedious as other arms have been for me in the past.

I had some trouble finding a shadow-free spot to photograph it in this sunny winter afternoon light. And there was a little shadow trailing me around the apartment as I posed my work:


Batty said...

He's intrigued. Maybe he thinks it's a doggy sweater?

Stefaneener said...

Ohmygosh, what a great FACE. He's very cute. No sweaters for me, he's saying.