Monday, February 19, 2007

Academia, here I come!

This is not a knitting post: it's better! I am officially into graduate school! I'm going to be getting my Ph.D. in English, with a concentration in Medieval literature. That's right -- I'll be spending a lot of time in the next few years with this guy.

Okay, it is a knitting post: perhaps the best thing about this program is its proximity to my favorite yarn shop. School Products will be doing some hot business next year, let me tell you!


Batty said...

Congratulations! I did a whole lot of Middle High German literature, it was fun. Never got around to a lot of the English stuff, though, because I got stuck on the Germans and the French.
Enjoy Chaucer!

I'm thinking of going back to grad school. I don't want to finish my dissertation in history. Wrong field for me. But if everything works out, I'll be heading back in a general academia-like direction next year!

Carrie K said...

Medieval literature! That sounds like fun.

You have two posts in mistakes? Only two? My whole blog would be in there.

Jen said...

Thanks, Carrie! I think the reason I have two posts in mistakes has more to do with the newness of my blog than with my knitting accuracy, though. Don't worry... a lot more will accumulate.

Stefaneener said...

When I was in a PhD program, one of the professors told me that Medievalists were the nicest academics, because their literature was so positive.

She sniffed that the modernists were all unhappy and cynical. . .

Of course I concentrated in 20th century novels!