Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day!

No school today; it's been snowing like a mofo here in NYC. I woke up this morning (at the blissful hour of 10 am) to these views out my fire escape and living room window:

Snow days are so nice! Unfortunately, I can't just laze around the entire day, because I have 36 student papers on Hamlet to read. However, I can take a moment to report on some knitting progress and a new free pattern!

First of all, the red striped socks were finished in time for Paula to wear them home after her visit last weekend. They look great on her, and she reports that they are quite warm.

Then, the tulip yoke cardigan is all finished, and I am pleased to offer it is a free pattern, here on my website and as a Ravelry download (see previous post). Enjoy!


Veronica said...

I just download your tulip cardigan. It is absolutely adorable. I just ordered the yarn and can't wait to cast on.

sue said...

The tulip cardigan looks gorgeous. Must pop on over and print out a copy I think. Thank you so much for designing it too.

Jodi said...

Hooray for snow days, and double hooray for your lovely pattern! Thanks for sharing. I'm totally knitting one (although I think I'll try wool, as cotton destroys my wrists).

Good luck with those Hamlet essays.