Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Update

All the Christmas knitting did in fact get finished (though I did end up giving my sister only one of the Jaywalker socks and furiously finishing the second on Christmas Day). My cousin seemed a bit ambivalent about her beret, but my grandmother loved her bed jacket. The February Lady Sweater is a great pattern -- quick knit, finishes beautifully. I'd totally recommend it.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of any of the FOs, because they were all gifted away. The only finished piece I can show you is this beret, a duplicate of my cousin's, which is going to be bestowed upon my friend Suzanne today:

She sang the praises of mine, so I think she deserves one of her own. I think this combination turned out really well: it's Arucanio Ranco in a warm rust color and Jojoland Melody in "Merry."

I'm totally smitten with this pattern and have so far knit five of these berets -- it's La Parisienne Beret by Sockpixie. Quick, satisfying, and totally gorgeous!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Jeanne said...

The beret is gorgeous - great color combination!

Batty said...

That is a great beret! You look amazing in yours, I wish I could wear them. Alas, my Slavic round head/face looks even more soccer ball-like with beret.