Tuesday, December 9, 2008

16 knitting days left until Christmas!

I've reached the point where school stress and knitting panic meld together into the perfect cocktail of anxiety. Instead of finishing end-of-term grading or beginning work on my final papers, I am knitting myself into a frenzy here as I finish holiday gifts. Completed this weekend: the partner to the Felici striped sock I made a while ago:

Now only one sock left to go: the partner for the Jaywalker sock I made last month. Here's the progress, such as it is:

The next few projects I can only show snippets of, as I don't know if the recipients will be reading this post:

And there's more: I am still totally stalled on my grandmother's February Bed Jacket, for example, needing to work a few more lace rows and bind off the body before starting on the sleeves. If I can get that all done in time I may try to cram in some mitts for a few relatives and friends. Then after Christmas, it's back to selfish knitting for me, baby! And man, do I have some fun things lined up!


Stefaneener said...

Yum the gray cable goodness.

This is why everyone on my list is getting jam.

Rachel said...

You're really cranking out the knitting! Good job!

Batty said...

Wow, that's all beautiful! And I better run off now... there's so much knitting, so little time!