Saturday, January 31, 2009

conclusions, beginnings, and a yarn bribe.

Things have been in a shameful state recently here chez Looking Glass. One semester ended, a new one began, and ALL kinds of work did not get done. That Chaucer paper about which I jauntily wrote a few weeks ago is still incomplete, and I've got a big stack of papers to grade that are so late that my students have started joking around about their status as historical documents. I've been whiny and neurotic and just generally a loser, and I'm downright peeved at myself.

Ergo, very little knitting to speak of. I have only knit about 2 more pattern repeats on my mitten, mostly during the episodes of Lost I've taken time out to watch. These will be awesome mittens if I can ever finish them before winter ends! Just trying them on for size, they are very warm.

Only two things are providing hope: my darling, funny boyfriend and a shipment of new Knitpicks Felici I bought myself as a yarn bribe. What gorgeous, jewel-like colors! But I can't knit it until that paper is in.

Now, Jennifer K., get your act together and finish your $@&%ing paper!!


Batty said...

I'm usually not one to go around the internet diagnosing people, but seeing how it's January, gray and dreary... do you have a seasonal depression problem? I bought one of those medical-strength daylight lamps. You have to go in and try them out, they come in yellow-ish and blue-ish, and not all work for all people. I went into the store and zeroed in on a happy yellow one.
Sitting in front of this thing has made all the difference. I'm knitting, baking, working, and not depressed. The lamp was around $200, but for me, that was money well spent.

Jen said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Batty -- I don't know if it's seasonal depression so much as major procrastination, but maybe you're on to something. I'm glad the lamp works for you!

Rachel said...

Those are some really cool new sock colors! Hope they help you cheer up!