Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swatch Party!

The chevron beret is finished and blocking on a plate, and I'm quite pleased with how it came out. It is a really great pattern -- I'd recommend it to anyone, but would suggest adding an inch or two before beginning decreases, as a number of knitters on Ravelry recommended (and as I did).

In the meantime, I have swatched for a number of new projects, almost all of which are for me me me -- after all, I've got to make good on my membership in the "Selfish Knitters" Ravelry group. Can you see a trend in my color choices? Clockwise from the upper left, they are Reynolds Candide for a Radcliffe Cardigan for my mom, Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 for a new (and hopefully less pilly but just as soft) Radcliffe Cardigan for me, Jo Sharp DK Wool for a February Lady Sweater for me (I know -- Ravelry has turned me into a total copycat), and Karabella Aurora 8 for a totally plain cardigan for me.

That last one is the only one that will involve anything other than following a pattern and recalculating math for gauge; but then there's this:

More Cool Wool 2000 for a cardigan with diagonal lace ladders, design still in the works -- that one is pretty far away, but as long as I was throwing a swatch fiesta I thought I might as well do that swatch too. Now I've just got to label them all so I don't forget.

Now, I realize this looks like a lot of stuff to be starting. And of course I haven't forgotten about the chevron scarf, the February Baby Sweater with an arm and a half still on the needles, the Green Peach Jacket waiting for sleeve cuffs and i-cord, and the fair isle yoke cardigan. But it's the second day of summer, and I felt like starting something(s) new. I'll come up with a plan to finish them all -- after all, in the absence of papers to stress me out, I've got to come up with something to make myself feel guilty about!

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Rachel said...

You're too funny, but I think you'll have a great time knitting all that up!