Saturday, June 7, 2008


I'm so close to finishing this blasted paper. Yesterday I bought myself this beautiful yarn:

Three skeins of Claudia handpainted merino sock yarn in the colorway "John B." It's going to sit there, eying me flirtatiously, while I finish this last paper (which, by all rights, was supposed to be done yesterday). I am going to use it to make a Chevron scarf by Domesticat -- I know, like everyone else in the knitting world. I was inspired by this gorgeous little number by Debby on Ravelry (here's her Rav profile):

It's a thing of beauty, but also beautifully photographed! Her colors are a little more muted than mine, in a colorway of Socks that Rock that no longer exists, unfortunately. I'm going to use my beautiful jewel-toned yarn with this leftover ball of Louet Gems sport in Sage:

But I can't. start. knitting. until. I. finish. this. paper.


Jodi said...

Beautiful yarn! Good luck with the paper -- I imagine the end of the quarter is in sight. ;-)

Stefaneener said...

What lovely yarn. And how fantastic it would be to sit and knit on it -- mindless yet interesting -- slipping through your fingers.

Good luck on the paper.

Batty said...

Well, hurry up and get that paper done, then! That's some seriously gorgeous yarn.