Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sister Sheep Sweater

Baby sheep sweater #3 is finished, and the pink and blue sweaters look pretty cute together!

Baby Sheep Yoke Sweater #3
Knitpicks Swish DK in asparagus, skyborne, nutmeg, natural and black
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in apple pink (scraps)
Knitpicks options needles size 5

Hello. I'm your friendly neighborhood sheep.


Stefaneener said...

They're making my ovaries ache.

Must. knit. them.

Wonder if Thing 4 would wear one?

Gaaaah, Jen, they are so beautiful. You really have a gift.

twigletqueen said...

Oh they are so adorable! Dammit why does no one I know have kids yet?

Tanja said...

How lovely!!

ljlkc said...

So freaking cute. Really amazing work. And even cuter in pink (which I didn't think would be possible).

Haha "They're making my ovaries ache." =)