Saturday, January 19, 2008

A plague of frogs.

It's a little known fact that the natural spawning season for frogs of the superwash merino variety is mid-January.

You may recall the original sweater for which I ordered five lovely skeins of Knit Picks Swish in lemongrass, and one in delft blue, the ill-fated car intarsia sweater. After that project failed miserably for a number of reasons, I frogged it and decided on a top-down raglan sweater with stripes. But, as is perhaps visible in this photo, the act of altering my usual top-down sweater pattern for a worsted weight yarn resulted in a sweater with skinny arms and a body that is easily big enough for a four-year old (in fact, I held it up to my own torso and it looks like it would fit me).

So that, too, has been frogged, in favor of a baby-sized version of the popular Cobblestone Pullover. Of course, being a creature of habit, I had to knit it top-down, and being cheap, I had to cast on for it without actually buying the pattern, a fact which resulted in my not knitting the roll neck of the original sweater. It's okay, though, because I think I will just finish it up with a knit-on i-cord at the neck, which will approximate the same look (I hope).

I really should start thinking ahead before casting things on...


Batty said...

Ugh. Frogging is frustrating. The raglan with the teeny-tiny arms looks like the opposite number of my enormous Banff sweater with the down-to-my-waist raglan sleeves. Sometimes, this kind of thing just happens.

Good luck with the re-invention of the Cobblestone sweater! It's looking good so far.

Stefaneener said...

I've made sweaters just like that. In fact, I'm making a stripey top down right now. And I was just thinking about knitting Cobblestone in a 6 year old pattern -- this is weird.

And I was also thinking about you because Thing 4 asked for a sweater with hedgehogs on it and I thought, "I bet Jen could do it."