Thursday, May 13, 2010


I passed my Orals, and I am celebrating by knitting another yoked baby sweater. I feel no shame about knitting a baby sweater with no intended recipient -- and I'm not alone; Grumperina just spoke on the subject herself.

This is made with some splurge yarn -- Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Andersonville" and Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in "Cedar." Both are just gorgeous, sophisticated colors, and they work really well together. I have some questions about how well the Sweet Georgia will hold up as it seems a little fuzzy from the get-go, but I don't care. Who could resist that glorious, complex shade of blue-green?

As summer approaches I am lining up some more knitting projects and taking a vow that I will actually finish at least two sweaters I've been sitting on. And of course, I've also got to start writing the dissertation!!


Maryse said...

Great projects! The colors of the little baby sweater you're knitting are gorgeous! I wish I had knit some baby sweater with no intended recipient ;-)

mariacrafty said...

Why is it that my posts don't show?

Jen said...

Your comments show, Mariacrafty. Sometimes there's a delay in your being able to see them because I have to okay all comments first.