Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I'm doing this weekend instead of going to Rhinebeck

Eating brussels sprouts.

(Isn't this thing cool? I got it at the farmer's market today. Who knew that they grew like this? It's heavy, too -- like a big caveman-club of healthiness.)

Knitting cashmere spiral mitts and listening to NPR.

Grading papers.

Reading for orals.

I'm sure that Rhinebeck will be more fun, but I just can't stomach it with both the work pileup and the upcoming move -- don't need more stash to pack!

Want another shot of those mitts? I thought so.

They're ribbed for her pleasure! I laboriously un-plied the double strand of 1/14 I had used for the spiral cowl (which I had originally twisted like that by colourmart), so these are exactly half the scale of the cowl. I love them! It was my first crack at top-down mittens -- I like it, and it does let you modify to fit the amount of yarn you have, but I'm not a huge fan of the thumb join part. These guys are so warm! Just trying them on for size or to snap a photo made my hands feel so warm and cuddly. I think they're going to get a lot of use.

NB: I cast on 56 stitches to make these, following the 8-stitch repeat of the spiral cowl's eyelet pattern after a picot edge. I added a 30-stitch-around thumb tube after 4 repeats, then decreased the thumb gore every other round until it was gone, then worked 5 more repeats of the spiral and cast off with a picot edge. I also tried picking up stitches and working a 3-needle BO instead of sewing down the final hem -- kind of a cool idea, and definitely a lot neater, but less stretchy, despite the fact that I used a needle 4 sizes larger for the bindoff.


Batty said...

Freud! Aaaaah, my eyes, my eyes!
That brings back memories from ye olde grad school days...

I love those mitts, very nice. And those brussels sprouts... I had no idea that's what they looked like on the... stalk? Whatever it is they grow on.

Pamela said...

Pure genius. Love the Harlot quote; it's kinda meta, don't you think? Looking forward to trying my needles at your clever designs!

Deelee said...

ace Narnia cardi, thank you (5 month old baby needs wrapping up for winter). What colour wool did you use for the main green? Filatura Zara, but is it Bottle Green? looks lovely so would like to get the same.

Jen said...

I think it's discontinued -- I don't have the ball bands from the yarns I used, but I made it a while ago and I don't see the color I used on the chart at my local yarn shop's website. It's definitely not bottle green, which looks brighter to me than the yarn I used.