Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things that make my day

Thanks to Knitting Nonni, who gave me a "You Make My Day" award! I'll spread the love by giving the shout-out to ten blogs I love to visit. All the blogs in my sidebar are ones I visit daily, but here are ten that are not in my sidebar, and that I visit just as often:

1. Tech Knitting: Unbelievably simple technique instructions and clear illustrations (okay, it's in my sidebar, but under "links").
2. Ruthless Knitting: Got hooked on this one because of the "Adventures of Florence."
3. Ysolda: Gorgeous and creative designs.
4. Spooky Knitting: It's always a pleasure to see what Batty's been cooking up and what trouble her cats have gotten into. Plus she's a prolific commenter and a fellow medievalist!
5. Fluffbuff: Just spent hours the other night poking around her very funny blog.
6. Wooly Ewe: Her ability to finish beautiful fair isle sweaters shockingly quickly makes me seethe with envy.
7. Zimmermania: Awesome inspiration from a bunch of EZ aficionados.
8. Knititch: An inspirational EZ knitter.
9. Anny Purls: Gorgeous baby designs that make you want to get knocked up just so you can knit them!
10. Geoffrey Chaucer: Can't be a bona fide medievalist without nerdishly giggling over this one.

Reading these blogs definitely makes my day.

And the other thing that makes my day is a finished object!

This is my baby-sized Cobblestone. Knit by the seat of my pants, top-down, without following directions, and improvising button plackets and increases. It was hard for me to get a good shot of the whole thing in today's super-strong light; here's the best one I could get:

Andrew's getting so big that his sweaters won't fit on my windowsill anymore!

I forgot to knit the roll-collar, so I knit on an i-cord that looks like a rolled collar. I think it worked pretty well. My favorite thing about it is the buttons, though:

I think that these are plastic imitations of bamboo buttons, but they might just be real bamboo. I found them in the "99 Cent Zone," my favorite neighborhood dollar store!


Horse 'n' Round said...

Thanks for the new blog ideas! (As if I needed more to read *grin*)

Adorable sweaters going on there. Where on earth do you find the time!?! Gotta love those bargain store finds, though...

Jen said...

Thanks for the kind words, Horse 'n' round! As for finding the time, it's amazing how much knitting you can get done when you're supposed to be reading a literary theory tome!

Sereknitty said...

Cute cobblestone!

Batty said...

Love the sweater. And I also love Chaucer's blog. I'm just nerdy enough to start wondering what other historical figures would do with a blog... How about Gregory VII's Investiture Blog? Or St. Augustine's Confessions... in blog form? And then there are the slightly scary ones. What would Charlemagne do with a blog? It's really interesting (though slightly useless) to think about.

Jen said...

I know what Richard II's blog would say: "blogstalkers ye are, and blogstalkers ye will remain."
(ok, that is a joke that probably three people will ever get...)

Delana said...

You've been given yet another "You Make my Day" Award. Check out my blog for details.

knititch said...

oh wow thanks for nominating me and in such prominent company. thank you. i will study your blog diligently from now on. and the cobblestone for babies is a great idea and addition to the herd of cobblestones. lovely.