Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Backstage pass (ish)

So a commenter has asked me to share how I store all my crafting supplies in a NYC apartment. I think I've posted this picture before, but here's my storage solution:

I have a whole armoire dedicated to yarn and fabric storage. I also have been making a concerted effort lately to keep my stash small and knit only from stash. So far it's worked. It is necessary in a small space not to waste too much of it on storing things you never use. But, I mean, there's a whole piece of storage furniture in my apartment just for craft supplies, so I'm certainly not a model of space-efficiency.

But I think the real reason I can do it is because I'm single. I have space for an armoire full of yarn because I don't need two dressers in my bedroom. That's also why I have been able to sew so much this summer. Normally, when my apartment is clean, my dining area looks like this:

But for much of the summer, that whole table was covered with piles of fabric, a sewing machine, a cutting station, and a blocking/ironing board. I could never do that if there were someone else living here -- let alone kids around.

Lemons, lemonade. Frankly I'd rather be married with kids, but in the meantime, I can knit and sew a lot.


Kim said...

I am married, with 2 kids and too many pets and my dining room is currently home to a sewing machine, some fabric, a cutting station, a spinning wheel and roving, a couple of 7th grade textboods and some yarn. It'll get cleared off before Thansgiving, but for now, it is all good.

Maria said...

My kids are now all gone...the house is (fairly) clean.....but I do miss the mess, books scattered, projects everywhere... the kids' organized chaos....and while I enjoy the quiet....from time to time I miss the endless noise...and, oh! my 3 children are musicians... my ears cry for the sound of their music, their piano playing, flute, piccolo, the 3 saxes and the drums.... They come to visit from time to time with their little ones....and that "is music to my ears"...Love your clean house and really love your "storage" armoire....
Maybe I need to grow up...:)

Maryse said...

You have a really nice apartment! Yes, being single at least has the advantage to have more storage and do whatever you want whenever you want! Enjoy it while it lasts ;-)

busybusybeejay said...

I'm developing a room in my loft for me and my stash.We have a staircase up to it and natural and electric light and its an area that only my Oh and me see so you can leavie it a mess.

Batty said...

I love your decorating style!

Maria said...

Some of us miss your inspirational blogging...and, based on a comment on your last entry, now wonder if you are married with kids and a not so neat home!
Hope you continue to gift us with your stories and designs.