Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little help

On Ravelry, lots of pattern designers have pledged to donate a percentage of their pattern sales to Haitian relief efforts of their choice. I'm joining the effort: I'll donate 50% of proceeds from my pattern sales from now until 2/14 to the American Red Cross for their Haitian relief efforts.

My patterns for sale, just to recap, are Radcliffe Cardigan, Steps to Stranded (sweaters A, B, C, and the set), and Sock Yarn Stranded.

Ravelry now includes a "Help for Haiti" tag search that lets you see all the designers who are donating to Haiti relief -- there are tons of great patterns on there, and some designers report being able to donate pretty large amounts of money after just a day of listing their Help for Haiti patterns. So if you were thinking of buying a pattern but were waiting, or felt like it was too decadent to buy a pattern, now you can buy all the stuff you've been waiting around on, while feeling good about helping out in the process!


fleegle said...

I shall go take a look now!

Glad you found my No Purl Garter tip handy--hope you get to use it on a lovely sweater :)

Batty said...

I'll take a look. It's a worthy (and desperate) cause.