Saturday, September 19, 2009


The cashmere spiral cowl is finished and blocked, and man, is it beautiful! The yarn bloomed and softened even more with the final soaking I gave the finished piece, and it's just a pleasure to hold up to my neck.

Now the dilemma is the perfect vintage button to use. I've narrowed down my selection to this (admittedly still large) array of options:

Clockwise from the top they are:

1) creamy mother-of-pearl with sort of feather detail around the edge, a family heirloom
2) dark gray faux mother-of-pearl shank
3) black plastic faux braided leather
4) heavy cream mother-of-pearl or bone (this one seems really old to me)
5) dark gray abalone or mother-of-pearl shank
6) dark gray mother-of-pearl with fancy etchings
7) dark gray mother-of-pearl with four holes
8) dark gray bone or something
9) black plastic with sort of art-deco detailing
10) brown plastic with flower-shaped indents
11) dark gray mother-of-pearl shank
12) dark gray mother-of-pearl shank
13) black plastic with sort of art-deco detailing

Thoughts? Personally I am leaning toward #11, I think. It will blend in nicely and I like its style and size. Were I to go for personal meaning, I would pick #1. If I wanted something that would pop, I think I'd go for #9 or #10. On the off chance that you care as obsessively about this choice as I do, you can click on the picture for a close-up that shows the detail better.

I thought I was going to give this away as a present, but it's just sooo lovely...


Anonymous said...

I think #11 is a great choice. The cowl looks lovely!


Batty said...

It's beautiful! Very elegant. I think I like #1 also because it blends in -- it won't detract from the pattern.

Knits For Needs said...

Wow, that is beautiful! Love it. I like #10, but all would look great!

Nataly said...

#11 all the way!!

Jean said...

You have such a nice assortment of buttons to choose from, this is such a special cowl, I was going back and forth between #11 and #6, they would both look great against the softness of the cashmere. How elegant.

Pamela said...

Yep-- #11. not an original thought, but an honest one. lovely!