Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yes, Jennifer K., you are a goddess among women.

I made an awesome laptop sleeve.

Ok, it probably doesn't look any different from the other things I've been making recently with this Heather Ross Mendocino fabric, but it is, my friends.

For one thing, I made it with super-heavyweight interfacing, so I had to figure out how to cut my fabric 3/8" larger and do all the seams with the zipper foot so I could sew right up next to the edge of the interfacing.

For another thing, I cut the zipper to be exactly the right length to fit my laptop, and no bigger. Actually, I wish I had made it just a touch bigger, because it's a pretty tight squeeze!

But the thing is exactly, exactly the right size. Not a fraction of an inch too big! Just look at that zipper closing. Uh, but don't look too close, because you'll notice that things aren't totally aligned there.

Yes, Jennifer K., you are becoming the mistress of your sewing machine.

(oh, also, I had a good idea about how to fix the problem of the not-quite-square zipper corners. More on that when I have a chance to try it out.)

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Knitcrazy said...

Hi Jennifer...
Your zippered bags are really nice... I love having lots of little bags in all sizes..
Your sock yarn sweater is so pretty... I have not steeked yet and I am so afraid of it...
Great job!!