Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday treats

What a lovely boyfriend I have. Witness the delectable birthday fiber present.

By "lovely," I also mean "learning." He's been quite curious about the knitting obsession recently, asking a lot of questions. Though I am of course aware of the fascination knitting should hold for every human, I suspect that some of the curiosity was reconnaissance work for a birthday present. But, as he related a few days before the event, he walked into a yarn store to buy me a present and was totally intimidated and overwhelmed by the array of choices. Apparently he had no idea that both yarn and needles come in so many varieties. So after making a foolhardy attempt to appear suavely as if he belonged there, he made an embarrassed exit.

So, attempting to help him out, I said, "Well, if you are ever in that position again, I think that a few skeins of some really luxurious or unusual yarn that I wouldn't buy myself would be a nice gift. For example, I have been wanting to try some Bluefaced Leicester yarn for a while." Ah, he said, this was very helpful. He would have to remember that name.

Later, we were walking by a yarn shop, and he said, "what was that breed of sheep again? Blue something?"

So that night I decided I'd help him out again. I sent him a link to an online yarn store and wrote, "Here's an example of that kind of yarn I was talking about today. Isn't it pretty? I particularly like that amber color."

Obvious, right?

Later he told me that he read the email and thought, "hm." Then, later the next day, he thought, "Oh! Maybe I could buy her some of THAT yarn!" Then a few hours later, he realized, "Oh! She WANTS me to buy her that yarn!" What a cutie. Just goes to show that hinting around to dudes about what you want or what you are thinking is bootless. You gotta just tell 'em. But it's okay, because they'll probably think it was their idea.

The present arrived today, and it is glorious. Three skeins of Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 in "Harvest," "Twilight," and "Victoria" from coloursong. Each 250 grams and 1000 meters, so easily enough to make three sweaters in my size (though possibly with 3/4 sleeves). And sooo lovely and soft and saturated with jewel-like color! They came with this cute project bag:

Happy Birthday to me! And thanks, sweetie!


Jodi said...

Happy birthday! And what fabulous goodies. Hey, my husband still hasn't figured out the joy of knitting-related gifts... maybe your boyfriend could give lessons now? :-)

Batty said...

Happy Birthday, that's lovely yarn! And he's definitely learning. I know, it took very direct hinting, but even that isn't enough with some people. He's definitely on the right track.

Rachel said...

Awww, that really is sweet!

Jean said...

Nice!!! I laughed so hard when you described your boyfriend realization, it was written perfectly. He seems like a genuine sweetheart.

Stefaneener said...

Happy birthday! Sounds as though he's learning fast.

And who knows, he may just fall down the knitting rabbit hole any day now.