Saturday, December 15, 2007

December tidbit

December has been a slow knitting month, so I've been terrible about posting. Here is the only real progress I've made this month:

the sleeve of the secret sweater

blasted interminable fair isle yoke sweater. I'm making progress on this one by sheer discipline: it's the only piece I'll allow myself to put in the knitting bag when I leave the apartment, so that I can't work on anything else.

It is slow going: each row of the fair-isle yoke sweater takes me about 20 minutes (that's basically one trip on the A train to midtown). But also, here is what my normal knitting spot looks like these days:

I'm working on three different medieval lit papers. Stupid edjumacation getting in the way of my knitting time...

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Batty said...

I know all about medieval stuff getting in the way of knitting. I got very little done when I was in grad school!