Monday, May 7, 2007

Froggy Jamboree

After weeks of knitting on my Arwen, I realized that it was just too big. So this:

became this:

Ensuring a proper fit seemed to necessitate knitting the sweater from the top down, but I wasn't sure how to make the hood work out from the top down. And then I hit on the perfect solution: the figure-8 cast-on for toe-up socks. And, aside from a few twisted stitches, I think that it worked out really well. Here's the hood progress so far:
I'm on the decrease section of the hood now, and when it reaches the right length and circumference for the collar, I'll just start the raglan increases for the top-down sweater.


Ina said...

Ow. Good luck with the re-do.

Batty said...

Figure 8? That's inspired! Good luck.